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Selected publications

Beyler AP, Marshall LF, Cui J, Brokmann X, Bawendi MG. Direct Observation of Rapid Discrete Spectral Dynamics in Single Colloidal CdSe-CdS Core-Shell Quantum Dots. Physical Review Letters. 2013, 111, 177401.

Cui J, Beyler AP, Marshall LF, Chen O, Harris DK, Wanger DD, Brokmann X, Bawendi MG. Direct probe of spectral inhomogeneity reveals synthetic tunability of single-nanocrystal spectral linewidths. Nature Chemistry. 2013, 5, 602-606.

Marshall LF, Cui J, Brokmann X, Bawendi MG. Extracting Spectral Dynamics from Single Chromophores in Solution. Physical Review Letters. 2010, 105, 053005.

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Weiss DN, Brokmann X, Calvet LE, Kastner MA, Bawendi MG. Multi-Island Single-Electron Devices from Self-Assembled Colloidal Nanocrystal Chains. Applied Physics Letters. 2006, 88, 143507..