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Selected publications

Caram JR, Doria S, Eisele DM, Freyria FS, Sinclair TS, Rebentrost P, Lloyd S, Bawend MG, . Room Temperature Micron-Scale Exciton Migration in a Stabilized Emissive Molecular-Aggregate. Nano Letters. 2016, 16 (11), 6808–6815.

Eisele DM, Arias DH, Fu X, Bloemsma EA, Steiner CP, Jensen RA, Rebentrost P, Eisele H, Tokmakoff A, Lloyd S, Nelson KA, Nicastro D, Knoester J, Bawendi MG . Robust excitons inhabit soft supramolecular nanotubes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2014, 111, E3367-E3375.

Yuen-Zhou J, Arias DH, Eisele DM, Steiner CP, Krich JJ, Bawendi MG, Nelson KA, Aspuru-Guzik A. Coherent Exciton Dynamics in Supramolecular Light-Harvesting Nanotubes Revealed by Ultrafast Quantum Process Tomography. ACS Nano. 2014, 8, 5527-5534.

Eisele DM, Cone CW, Bloemsma EA, Vlaming SM, van der Kwaak CGF, Silbey RJ, Bawendi MG, Knoester, J, Rabe JP, Vanden Bout DA. Utilizing redox-chemistry to elucidate the nature of exciton transitions in supramolecular dye nanotubes. Nature Chemistry. 2012, 4, 655-662.