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MRS Graduate Student Gold Award, Materials Research Society (2016)

Selected publications

Rekemeyer PH, Chang S, Chuang CHM, Hwang GW, Bawendi MG, Gradecak S. Enhanced Photocurrent in PbS Quantum Dot Photovoltaics via ZnO Nanowires and Band Alignment Engineering. Advanced Energy Materials. 2016, 6, 1600848.

Hwang GW, Kim D, Cordero JM, Wilson MWB, Chuang CHM, Grossman JC, Bawendi MG. Identifying and Eliminating Emissive Sub-bandgap States in Thin Films of PbS Nanocrystals. Advanced Materials. 2015, 27, 4481–4486.

Chuang CHM, Maurano A, Brandt RE, Hwang GW, Jean J, Buonassisi T, Bulovic V, Bawendi MG. Open-Circuit Voltage Deficit, Radiative Sub-Bandgap States, and Prospects in Quantum Dot Solar Cells. Nano Letters. 2015, 15, 3286-3294.

Chuang CHM, Brown PR, Bulovic V, Bawendi MG . Improved performance and stability in quantum dot solar cells through band alignment engineering. Nature Materials. 2014, 13, 796-801.